Rode VideoMic Go 2: The Perfect Microphone for YouTube Videos

As a content creator, you know that high-quality audio is just as important as clear visuals. The Rode VideoMic Go 2 is a versatile microphone that delivers professional-grade sound while remaining compact and lightweight. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced creator, this microphone offers excellent audio capture for your YouTube videos.

Features of the Rode VideoMic Go 2

The Rode VideoMic Go 2 has features that make it an ideal choice for YouTube creators.

Here are a few of its standout characteristics:

Compact and Lightweight: The VideoMic Go 2 is designed to be portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and mount on your camera or boom setup.

Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern: The microphone’s super-cardioid polar pattern helps capture focused audio by reducing unwanted background noise and ambient sound.

Plug-and-Play Operation: With its 3.5mm cable, the VideoMic Go 2 offers a simple plug-and-play setup. Connect it to your camera, smartphone, tablet, or computer, and you can start recording.

No Batteries Required: The microphone draws power directly from the connected device, eliminating the need for batteries or recharging.

Sturdy Shock Mount: The VideoMic Go 2 comes with a high-quality shock mount that effectively isolates the microphone from handling noise and vibrations.

Package Contents

When you purchase the Rode VideoMic Go 2, you’ll receive a comprehensive package with everything you need to start recording. 

Rode VideoMic Go 2: The Perfect Microphone for YouTube Videos
Rode VideoMic Go 2: The Perfect Microphone for YouTube Videos

What you can anticipate finding in the box is as follows:

  1. Rode VideoMic Go 2 microphone
  2. Windscreen (to minimize wind noise and plosives)
  3. 3.5mm cable for connecting the microphone to your camera or device
  4. Sturdy shock mount for secure attachment
  5. Cable management system for neat and organized cable routing
  6. Ease of Use and Compatibility

One of the standout features of the VideoMic Go 2 is its ease of use. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned creator, this microphone is incredibly user-friendly. Connect it to your preferred device using the 3.5mm cable, and you can start recording high-quality audio.

The VideoMic Go 2 is compatible with various devices, including cameras, smartphones, tablets, and computers. It’s important to note that if you plan to use it with a smartphone, you’ll need to use a USB-C to Lightning adapter, which can be purchased separately.

Sound Quality and Performance

When it comes to sound quality, the Rode VideoMic Go 2 excels. Its condenser microphone captures audio with clarity and detail, ensuring that your voice or the sound source is faithfully reproduced. The super-cardioid polar pattern helps to focus on the desired audio while minimizing background noise, resulting in professional-grade recordings.

The VideoMic Go 2’s proximity to your mouth or the sound source significantly affects the audio quality. You can achieve a rich and intimate sound by positioning the microphone close to your mouth. The microphone’s sensitivity enables it to pick up even the most minute variations in your voice.

In addition to its performance with vocals, the VideoMic Go 2 also performs exceptionally well with instruments. Whether you’re recording acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or percussion, this microphone captures the true essence of the instruments, delivering a natural and balanced sound.

Accessories and Expansion Options

If you want To maximize the potential of the Rode VideoMic Go 2, various accessories and expansion options are available. Rode offers the WS12 windscreen, which provides additional protection against wind noise during outdoor recordings. This accessory is handy for vlogging or shooting videos in windy environments.

Furthermore, if you want to expand your setup, Rode offers a range of compatible accessories. These include boom arms, clamps, and extension cables, allowing you to customize your microphone setup according to your specific needs.


The Rode VideoMic Go 2 is an excellent choice for YouTube creators who prioritize high-quality video audio. Its compact size, ease of use, and compatibility with various devices make it a versatile microphone for various recording scenarios. Whether you’re filming vlogs, live streaming, or podcasting, the VideoMic Go 2 delivers professional-grade sound that will enhance the overall quality of your content.

Investing in the Rode VideoMic Go 2 allows you to elevate your videos by capturing clear and immersive audio, ensuring your viewers have an engaging and enjoyable experience.


Is the Rode VideoMic Go 2 suitable for outdoor recordings?

Yes, the VideoMic Go 2 performs well in outdoor environments. However, you can consider purchasing the Rode WS12 windscreen to further reduce wind noise.

Does the VideoMic Go 2 require batteries?

No, the VideoMic Go 2 draws power directly from the connected device, eliminating the need for batteries.

Can the VideoMic Go 2 be used with smartphones?

Yes, the VideoMic Go 2 is compatible with smartphones. However, you will need a USB-C to Lightning adapter to connect it to an iPhone or iPad.

What is the polar pattern of the VideoMic Go 2?

The VideoMic Go 2 features a super-cardioid polar pattern, which helps capture focused audio while reducing background noise.

Can I use the VideoMic Go 2 with my computer for podcasting?

Absolutely! The VideoMic Go 2 can be easily connected to your computer or laptop using the 3.5mm cable, making it suitable for podcasting and other audio recording applications.

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