How long does it take for bees to starve?

The answer depends on the hive

For example, a small colony with few bees may die quickly because there aren’t enough foragers to bring food back to the nest. A large, healthy hive with plenty of workers will have more time before starvation becomes an issue. In addition, physical characteristics such as temperature and humidity can affect how long it takes bees to starve: if it’s too hot or dry in your bee yard, they may not be able to collect enough nectar!

The stability of your colony is also important–if your bees are stressed out by parasites like Varroa mites or leafcutter ants (who eat their honey), then they will be less productive and therefore more likely to starve before winter sets in

The size of the colony matters

The size of the colony matters. Larger colonies have more stored food and can survive longer periods without foraging, but they may be more likely to abandon their hives if there are no new queens being hatched. Smaller colonies, on the other hand, may need more resources (like pollen) in order to survive until winter comes around again.

In general: If you’re interested in keeping bees or getting them as pets then this question should be something that interests you! It’s always good to know how long they will live so that you can make sure they have everything they need before letting them go back into nature again when it is time for them to leave your home after growing up inside one year old now ready fly away someday soon maybe next summer hopefully not before then though because we still want some honey right?

The physical makeup of the hive affects survival time

  • If there is a queen, the colony will survive longer.
  • If your hive is strong, it will survive longer.
  • If you have any honey stores and pollen stores in your hive, it will also help them to survive longer because they can eat this food when their own food runs out or if they cannot forage for enough food outside of the nest (which may happen if it’s too cold outside).

How stable is the colony?

If your colony is weak, it will be harder for them to survive the starvation period. If your colony is strong, it will be easier for them to survive the starvation period.

If you have a weak colony, it may take longer for them to recover from starvation than if you had a strong colony


Bees are fascinating creatures, and their survival tactics are fascinating too. But we still don’t know the exact length of time it takes for bees to starve to death—the answer depends on a variety of factors. What we do know is that if you want your hive to survive long-term, it’s important to take care of your bees so they can produce food every day.

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